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Our counselling service is one of the core services that we have provided for over 20 years, which is free to all women who have experienced domestic abuse. We currently initially offer women 12 sessions, although this can be extended if deemed necessary and we can accommodate this.

Our services is managed by a highly qualified and experienced psychotherapist who assesses all women who require our service and matches them to one of our eight volunteer counsellors. Five of our existing volunteers are qualified and the remaining three are student counsellors.

“My counselling was a place where I was listened to – I learnt what that was like”Counselling Service User

How Counselling Can Help You

The Rising Sun recognises that domestic abuse affects women in many different ways and our counselling service seeks to work with this reality.

Some women simply need to be given time, attention and respect to be able to consider how their experiences have affected them and to make any changes they want to make.

Some women are very traumatised by abuse and experience symptoms such as flashbacks, panic attacks, nightmares or sleeplessness, irritability or difficulty with managing things they were fine with before. In this situation we can help with strategies and ways of working through the trauma.

How It Works

We offer counselling most days of the week during the day. We ask you initially to come to an introductory session with our senior counsellor who will then refer you to the most suitable person for you.

You can refer yourself to the counselling service or you may be referred by another professional.

66% of our counselling service users felt they were now functioning normallyBased on data from 2013-14