Our Services

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We aim to help women make their own choices, regain their freedom and control of their lives.

The Services We Provide


One Stop Shops

Our One Stop Shops are a place for anyone who is experiencing domestic violence to visit. The atmosphere is non-judgemental and informal, all visits are anonymous and you can visit as many times as necessary.

Independent Domestic Violence Advocates

Our IDVA team are there for those people deemed to be at the highest risk of experiencing further abuse. They ensure the victims voice is heard and they liaise with the statutory and non-statutory services to reduce stress for the victim wherever possible.


Our counselling service is designed to help women come to terms with and cope with what has happened, or is happening to them. Our counsellors are there to listen to women and allow them time to talk about their problems in a neutral yet caring environment.

Our Programmes

We run a range of programmes to provide support and education for adults, young people and businesses. We believe education is the best way to eradicate the cycle of domestic violence within families.

Further Support

Here you can find information, help and support from a range of organisations that we trust and believe do great work. We can help point you in the direction of the charity or organisation that is best able to help you.

Our Helpline

We are here for you, please call our helpline on 01227 452852 to find out how we can help. We listen in total confidence so give us a call if you need emotional, practical or legal support.