Services for Adults


We have a range of support and services available for Adults who may be suffering or know someone who is suffering from domestic abuse.

Our Helpline

We are here for you, please call our helpline on 01227 452852 to find out how we can help, we listen in total confidence so give us a call.

One Stop Shops

Our One Stop Shops are a place for anyone who is experiencing domestic violence to visit. The atmosphere is non-judgemental and informal, all visits are anonymous and you can visit as many times as necessary.

Independent Domestic Violence Advocates & Community Team

Our team covers Canterbry district, Folkestone and Ashford and we provide specialist support at points of crisis, discussing options, offering impartial advice and being there every step of the way. For those at high risk our dedicated IDVAs will be there unitl it is deemed safe and then our sommunity team contimues with support assisting in the recovery.


Our counselling service is designed to help women come to terms with and cope with what has happened, or is happening to them. Our counsellors are there to listen to women and allow them time to talk about their problems in a neutral yet caring environment.

Family Now Programme

This programme focuses on parenting and domestic violence, how to build a healthy relationship and conflict resolution.

Freedom Programme

This programme is to give women an insight into abusive relationships and to understand how it may be affecting their family and friends.