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The Freedom Programme is a group which offers women an insight into abusive and controlling relationships and its effect on the family.  It is a 1.5 / 2 hour weekly session, run over 12 weeks.

Who is it for?

The Freedom Programme is open top any women who has experienced or is experiencing domestic violence.

Where is it?

The location is disclosed when a referral has been received due to safety reasons.

What are its aims?

•  To help women understand the beliefs held by abusive men and in doing so, recognise which of these beliefs they have shared, to help them better protect themselves and their children.

•  To illustrate the effects of domestic violence on children.

•  To assist women to recognise potential future abusers.

•  To help women gain self-esteem and the confidence to improve the quality of their lives.

•  To inform women about community resources such as Women’s Aid, the Police Domestic Violence Unit, etc.


For further information on the Freedom Programme please visit www.freedomprogramme.co.uk