About Us

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35 Years and Still Rising to the Challenges We Face

We have seen many different challenges as we approach our 35th anniversary in 2014. Throughout this time we always continue to promote a ‘whole family approach’ within our work. Our service is stronger, because we have grown over time, our excellent practices and our life-changing service impacts on women’s and children’s lives every day.

Our Aims

  1. Empower individuals, women, men and young people, who have been affected by Domestic Abuse.
  2. Focus on early intervention with children and young people affected by domestic abuse to break the cycle of abuse.
  3. Provide services based on listening to the women, men and young people who have survived domestic abuse.
  4. Challenge the disadvantages which arise from Domestic Abuse and enable individuals to achieve healthy relationships.
  5. Support and reflect diversity and promote inclusive Domestic Abuse services, for example by working with same sex couples.
  6. Work with perpetrators who may be victims of domestic abuse or other trauma.
  7. Promote cohesive interagency responses to Domestic Abuse and developlocal and Kent wide partnerships.

Who are we?


The Rising Sun Domestic Violence & Abuse service is a charity in Kent addressing domestic violence and providing services, for adults, children and families.

Through our work we challenge attitudes and beliefs that perpetuate domestic violence and promote healthy and non-abusive relationships.

We are going strong and have helped countless women and children over the years, whether you are looking for help or looking to help – you are in the right place.



Providing advice, support and therapeutic counselling services for women and children across East Kent


Deliver our award-winning Love Shouldn’t Hurt programme to schools and youth groups to learn the early warning signs of an abusive relationship


Experienced and dedicated domestic violence experts working with sensitivity and confidentiality with people who may need to deal with victims